For over 28 years Smart Health LA (SHLA), an adult disease prevention and treatment program provided by Valley Community Healthcare, has been recognized as a safe, confidential and trustworthy resource to the LGBTQ community and residents of the San Fernando Valley.

A compassionate team of professionals is comprised of a Medical Care Manager with a specialty in Sexually Transmitted and Infectious Diseases, a Patient Care Manager with a degree in Human Services, a Case Worker qualified in Care Coordination, and a complete medical staff.


We take a whole person approach to patient care, and provide physical, sexual, and mental health diagnosis, treatment, and management to improve the overall health outcomes of sexually active adults in the LGBTQ and surrounding communities.


  • create and monitor linkage to and retention in medical care
  • identify and remove barriers to treatment adherence
  • standardize assessment and referral
  • streamline care coordination
  • eliminate service duplication
  • reduce STIs and HIV transmission


  • HIV/STD/HCV Testing in a confidential caring atmosphere
  • HIV/STD/HCV/ Prep & PEP Treatment with an empathetic medical team
  • Mental Health Assessment and referral to Counseling and Behavioral Health services.
  • Teen Services for those 12-19 years old.
  • Access to a full array of primary care services and referral system to both in-house and outside services
  • Support groups and educational presentations